21 September 2007

keeping order

I am behind on everything friends. Not a good time of year to be running behind. I am doing all that I can do... My days start early and end late and still I can never accomplish enough.

I spent most of my day yesterday setting up my slab roller. After I got it up and standing I realized that I had put one part of it together incorrectly and had to take half of it apart and put it all back together again. I do all of this myself. No boyfriend/husband/partner here to help, no interns, just lil' ol' me. No need to feel bad for me, I am quite content doing things myself, never the less things seem to take longer than I anticipate and if something goes awry it is up to me to fix it.

So if you are waiting on something from me, please know that I have not forgotten about you. If you have sent me an email and I haven't answered it, I have been away from my desk most days (and some nights), but I haven't forgotten you. Really right now the only thing that is in order is the disorder of all that I have to get done. I am doing my best to keep up and stay happy and though the keeping up part has fallen a bit short the happy part is right on schedule.

Have a great weekend all!


bugheart said...

wish i could
have helped
{although i am
not sure i know
a slab roller
i love
that you
brought the
paddles over
with clay
from your
old studio.
such a beautiful
and sentiment.
have a lovely

bicho de contas said...

I love your work !

onesilentwinter said...

I thank you for doing what you do, it really great!