02 August 2007

the shop is now open

17" platter, Two Swallows And The Pheasants Eye
For sale at my etsy shop!

After being directly told by a number of people "Would you pleeeease open up an Etsy shop already"! I have listened...it is now open. Whew, It's about time, aye! I have uploaded some items that are for sale and will be uploading more to the shop in the next few days.

My hopes and dreams to have my own shop page connected to my website kept getting derailed by a number of obstacles (some very real and some imagined). I have given in to Esty and it feels good.


Mama Molly said...

Diana, Congradulations, Your ceramics are amazing. I own a green boutique in Mill Valley, ca. I specialize in sustainable fabrics, hand crafted goods. I apriciate this conversation about being green. I believe supporting craftpeople is just as important as supporting our enviroment.There are so many ways we can conserve, reuse and take car of.I would love to sell a few pieces of your work in my store.If you ar ever in Mill Valley , look me up!! I hope what im going to do next is ok. Im tagging you with love, please go to my blog to read directions. I hope you find pleasure in this as much as I did. If you want to decline, no worrys, Mama Molly

Kathleen said...

Yay! Congratulations on the new shop!

Abby Creek Art said...

YES! And I'll be visiting your shop often!

Have a nice weekend, Diana.:)

susan said...

congrats diana! best of luck to you...

Christine said...

That's great, I love etsy! Will add you as a favourite now.

Christine/pinkangel on etsy

amisha said...

congratulations on the shop diana!! so excited for you!! everything looks beautiful.

mati rose said...

excellent! i will point my people your way!