16 April 2007


four large deep bowls 10.5"x10.5".5"

I am in pile purgatory...I am a little ashamed to admit it but I have three years of taxes to catch up with (think life changes, bi-coastal living and just a wee bit of avoidance). Even though I am relatively organized and do have all my receipts and what not gathered into envelopes I still have to sort through it all and get it organized...which leads me to wondering about the term having your taxes done...I feel like I do most of the work and then pay lots of money to have someone put my tallied figures into a computer program and then they get all the credit for doing my taxes. Okay, so I don't know all the ins and outs of the tax system and I do rely on my trusty tax preparer (who happens to my upstairs neighbor whom I LOVE!) to save me money and lead me down the straight and narrow. But hell, I want a little credit for doing some of the work.

I came upon this photo of my stacked bowls which felt to me like the state of my mind these days. Images, numbers, bowls, ideas, colors, lines all piled high in my brain. I was offered a show at the Candy Store in San Francisco for October and I am already gathering ideas and putting them down in my notebook because even though it is only April now it will be October before you know it. There are some other exciting things to come (hint, a newspaper article) but I can't say exactly when because I am not sure when it will come out, though I have been told it will be in the next couple of weeks. Don't worry... you will be the first to know...well maybe the second, my mom will be the first. Okay no more distractions...I have to get back to my piles.


amisha said...

i *wish* all my piles were this lovely :) good luck with the taxes. i can't even think about doing them on my own... too frightened of making a mistake... i do go through the receipts and itemize deductions and all that, then off everything goes in a pile to the accountant. hmmm. perhaps they should give a discount to people who don't just hand them a box of unsorted paper?

Dana said...

If you make under 52,000 a year you can e-file free at tax freedom.com. THis is a Turbo Tax site and really easy. They prompt you to enter figures, even if you have a busines. Check it out.