05 December 2006

sold out & hold out

It is official, the calendars are sold out! WOW! I can't believe it. I have about fifty backed up emails for calendar requests which I need to respond to some time in between being in the studio from morning until night. My annual Holiday Home Sale is this Saturday and I am not feeling very ready. I have orders to finish and send, an apartment to clean and set up, I have to glaze fifty seven cups and about twenty-five vases. Beni (my studio mate) and I are negotiating firing slots as he is having his sale on Saturday too. I bribe him with cookies to distract him so I can sneak firings in between his. He bribes me as well...It has been a veritable cookie fest in the studio. I've listened to more NPR in the past month than I care to admit and I have glaze crusted on my head set cord to my phone. I have to scurry off now and get a show invite together to email out to folks. Oh and if I haven't answered your email please bear with me. I am getting to things as fast as I can. Thank you everyone for buying my calendars and all your kind and generous comments. It has been such a joy coming home to such nice email. I'm not sure which gave me more pleasure, making them or sending them off to all their new homes. Some very exotic places, I might add...Ecuador, Germany, England, Sweden, France, Canada, Brazil and of course the United States. Thank you, Thank you!!

Still waiting to hear word on whether or not they have found James (the husband and father of the Kim family). Holding out with fingers crossed that it will be a happy ending.


Listoria said...

Just now catching up on blogs - I feel like I've been out of touch forever reading everyone's past posts.

Congrats on the Domino Mag spread! And I love those cups...such beautiful colors!

Good luck with your Holiday Home Sale and finishing everything that needs doing!

Mary Anne said...

Got the calanders and I love them! Hmmm, who will be the lucky recipient of the extra one I bought??