22 November 2006


the long list

  • My relationship with mother (we did not speak for nine years). We are very close now and talk regularly.
  • My big sister (who was a mother to me when my mother wasn’t being a mother).
  • That I am able to make a living doing what I love.
  • All the times I have been in love (a lot!).
  • To lose love(s). It has humbled me and taught me to let go.
  • That I am still falling in love.
  • My friends. (Who have been family to me when I thought myself an orphan).
  • My Father. Who shipped me off to Hungary when I was nineteen and changed the course of my life.
  • My big brother. Who built model cars with me for and giving me my first car when I was sixteen (a datsun 1967 411).
  • That I can run five miles at the age 42!
  • My health! My health! My health!
  • That I never smoked, got into drugs or got pregnant as a teenager. (See above; thanks to big sister).
  • For all of my travels to amazing places and All the amazing people I have made friends with along the way.
  • Mucineni (Aunt Muci in Hungarian) The famous circus performer who taught me that a woman could live out her dreams.
  • My Mom (again!) who taught me the love of food.
  • OH and again my mom, who sewed all my clothes for me when I was little (and even some now) even though she hated sewing.
  • My fabulous, kind and generous neighbors (and their very cute dog Karina)
  • My studio mate, Beni. It couldn’t get any better!
  • Twenty years of restaurant experience. Oh the things I have seen and heard!
  • The friends I have made working in restaurants. The most brilliant people I know. Never and I mean NEVER underestimate the wisdom of a food server.
  • That I can still spin pizza dough. (My first restaurant job).
  • My sweet little apartment in this great city.
  • Being surrounded by Artists and Craftspeople.
  • That the earth is still spinning. We need to take good care!
  • Music.
  • Cookies. I love ‘em and life just wouldn’t be as sweet with out them.
  • All the amazing plants and animals that inhabit this planet.
  • That George Bush will be out of office very soon! I still can’t stand the sound of that man’s voice.
  • The Schnick family. Who turned me on to Art and continually inspire me. Molly and Susannah, the closest I ever came to having children of my own, and who are now my friends.
  • To all of the people who continually support me and what I do. That means YOU!
  • Blessings to all of you. Remember to love one another. Even if it means you have to do it while the T.V. is blasting a football game.


michelle said...

This may sound corny, but I am so thankful that you have a blog, I have been inspired by your work for a long time!

lisa s said...

happy thanksgiving... i so look forward to meeting you [hopefully sooner rather than later!]

natasha said...

i agree with michelle! you are an inspiration and i love knowing that you are out there, plugging away.

Mary Anne said...

Your blog is an inspiration. Good to catch up.
xo- mad

shash said...

hi there,
came to say yes do some spying for me. but also wow, what a fun, rich list to read.
and speaking of thankful for cookies...
you should come eat cookies at the holiday sale at my house on saturday. lots of good cookies. then lisa s. and i can both meet you. and i think lisa c. will be here as well.
(details on the blog monday or tuesday.)
would love to meet you.

natascha said...

That's a very beautiful list! Thanks for sharing it.

simple me said...

I have been away for a while and now while reading this I feel a thread between us, similar things in life.
Spending 20 years doing jobs that were just not me is one of them relationships with parents another one and ceramics at the age of 40 another.