22 October 2006

too many things

It has been an eventful week over here in One Black Bird land but I don't have any new photo's to prove it. I have been busy with things that are not very photogenic. Things like dealing with paper work. Yuk! I updated my blog (did you notice?). I spent way too much time trying to get my own personalized header to replace the generic one but could not figure out how to get rid of the original header. I kept ending up with two headers, very frustrating! In the studio, I have been slip casting vases and setting up forms. Well I could have taken pictures of that but forgot to bring my camera with me. I cooked dinner for this lovely person who just had her knee replaced. I don't think she wanted me taking pictures of her knee. I am waiting for an exciting package to arrive from Japan which I will announce when it actually gets here...seems there is something funny going on with the post office and they are threatening to send it back to Japan. PLEASE DON'T! Can't take a picture of something that isn't here yet. I am trying to get some website stuff done too, but not very successfully. I am kind of like a hamster running in place. Being a one woman factory can be a bit overwhelming and keeping up with the details when my hands are full of clay can get a little complicated. I promise pretty new things to come soon and I promise to take pictures of them.


JosieJurczenia said...

Hey Ms Bird,
Love the new updatd look...much less generic. I loved reading Whitney Smith's blog. Thanks for the link. Her stuff is amazing and her words so reflect all that we potters go through. WE are still talking of the fabulous dinner ( I am dreaming of apple crepes) and can't wait to see you again soon,
Kisses and THANKS,

Carrie said...

Hello, was reading your post and saw your struggle to get rid of the blogger header. Thought I'd chime in and let you know you can't get rid of it. Blogger put it there to stay.