03 August 2006

off you go!

My butt is sore from all the sitting I have been doing while working. Things are slow going but productive. I finished drawing fifteen large pieces for my show and now I am going to tackle the smaller work. I did manage to sneak away today to go for a swim in a nearby pond A nice change of pace from the long hours in the studio.

I sent off this work to the Gardener yesterday. It felt good to send it to it's new and hopefully temporary home. I hope everything sells right away so I can make some more for them. That would be super. I also sent off some work to a new store that is opening in Carmel, California called, Jody Interiors. There isn't a website so unfortunately I can't pass that on to you. I am tired and not able to string sentences together right now. I think I'd better go off to bed. I wanted to leave you with a little somthin', somthin' though.


Kathleen said...

It all looks beautiful!

Listoria said...

i simply love all of your works! they are simple and intricate at the same time (is that possible?) and they are very peaceful to look at!

thank you for posting pictures of your finished (and in progress) pieces.


Catherine said...

Thanks for the tip off Diana! I will be going there tomorrow to get one.

Lisa said...

You have a fascinating blog!

susanna said...

Congratulations! You're finished and your creations are making their way into the world.

I like your idea of swimming in a nearby pond. Sounds so summery perfect.