23 August 2006

ayumi & me

It is a hectic time for me. I wrapping up my six month stay on the East Coast and heading back home to San Francisco in less than two weeks. I am sad about leaving. I feel as if I just started settling in and now I am off. These last weeks will be spent packing, finishing up some orders, one for here and spending time with friends.

I was finally able to make it over to Ayumi Horie’s studio the other night. She and I had been planning a studio visit since early July. Those of you who are not aware of Ayumi and her work should definitely check out her website, which by the way, is fabulous. She is a very talented potter with a wonderful sensibility. Ayumi marries form and surface instinctively. There is a rough quality to her work at first appearance and then pick up one of her cups, bowls, and oh my, the teapots, I am still dreaming of the teapots, and immediately one gets the sense that they are holding something very special in their hands. She draws on her pots, which I love (surprise, surprise), animals, numbers and letters, playful but not twee. Well I am a huge fan if that is not already obvious. I did manage to leave with a couple of her cups for my collection and a small bowl, a little something to remind me of her when I am back home in San Francisco. Lucky me!!


Green Kitchen said...

Thanks for the link. I'm still trying to figure out how you can have two cross-continental studios--seems to heavy. The west coast has been fine this summer and I'm sure the autumn will be too, as it often is. I just read your bio. I was probably playing hookie from highschool and eating the pizza you were serving up in downtown S.C.

susan said...

thank you too diana for the link... it is however - artstreamstudios.com.
we are so excited to receive our order from you! and sad too that you are on your way back from this neck of the woods! we were hoping to stop up to davis studio and you at the end of sept... next time!!! -

lisa said...

let's get together when you get here!!

Caty said...

I love San Francisco! best wishes!