05 July 2006

friends and fog

Sometimes I ache for things. Lately it has been San Francisco. I am on the East Coast for an extended stay and though I am surrounded by bucolic splendor and have my every need met I find myself missing my goofy city. I suppose longing can propel us forward into the unknown or in my case back to the known. I don't completely understand why I am yearning for that cold foggy city when here in New York State I frolic about in the lightest of cotton clothing wearing flip flops. If I were back in San Francisco now I'd be still wearing my winter sweaters and turning on the heater in my house. I think I just kinda like missing something. If I didn't miss it then what reason would I have to check out this new website to fantasize about eating a taco from a truck.

There is another reason why I think I am missing home these days. This coming weekend is the annual Association of Clay and Glass Artists sale held in Palo Alto, California. I have participated in it for the past four years so it is a little strange not to be there this year. It is a fabulous sale and I highly reccomend checking it out if you are in the area. If you do go please say hello to my friend Whitney. What that girl does with a pot is amazing. You must also visit the amazing Christa and check out Inge's delicate porcelain boots, oh and there is Mardi and Sara and check out David, he puts pink glazes on his pots. I think that is the coolest. Go see Joanna and her lovely simple forms. There is Rae, Mary Mar and Terrill with her amazing glass creations. Oh and don't forget to visit Sharron too, she'll inspire you to go to the far reaches of the world to build an Art Center. You'll also want to take some cash because I know you'll want to buy something.


simple me said...

Hi Diana,
Thanks for the wonderful links. I'm always on the outlook for ceramics that mean anything to me and you provided here a few (joanna, sara...)

josie said...

Come home Diana - we miss you, the fog misses you. There is a GREAT Taco Truck at the foot of Gilman in the race track parking lot. I know you're a SF girl but we could do lunch!
Kisses and miss you,
P.S. Beautiful plate and I LOVE the marigold bowl