31 July 2006

breaking the rules

I have a few rules about blogging, private rules, not rules really let’s call ‘em “boundaries”. Why? Mostly to keep focused and to not get overwhelmed with all that I could post. I can shut down if too much is going on, I go into the “stare at the ceiling” mode and that is not good. Revealing this boundary, breaks another boundary, not talking about my rules, oops I mean boundaries. The first boundary I am speaking of is not to have pictures of things that are not studio related. I know a lot of you post photos of all kinds of things and I love them and love that you do but this is my blog so the rules (boundaries) only apply to me. I broke my own rule by posting this picture of this sign that I saw today. How could I resist? Then I realized, hey this is studio related because I saw it when I had to leave the studio to make a call on my cell phone to Susan. The telephone in the studio was on the blink and living out in the country cell phone service is spotty. My cell phone does not work on the farm where I am so I had to drive up the road to what I like to call “the sweet spot” to make my call. It was a studio related call when I saw the sign therefore it IS studio related. I did not break my rule after all. Ha, tricked myself even! Other than that I am in the final crunch to get work done for the Berkshire Craft Fair, which is in two weeks. I am sorry for not writing back to some of you as I intend to, I have been working away here and you know, trying to stay focused. Check out all these naked pieces just begging for some attention.


susan said...

boundries and rules. yes, breaking them is good sometimes.
oh my oh my. what a sign! what a hoot!
great to talk with you yesterday from the wilds of the hill. we are so looking forward to the work you will be sending!

ps...love those naked pieces!

Angela Rockett said...

" I can shut down if too much is going on, I go into the “stare at the ceiling” mode and that is not good. " - oh yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean. It's a very tricky balance, and sometimes the tiniest things can make the difference between happy, creative, productive days and days spent memorizing the sofa cushions. I hate it when that happens.

Love the sign by the way. Good illustration of "boundary".

susanna said...

What a terrific sign! Were you a bit worried, standing there, reading it? Did you sense yourself being watched while you snapped the photo? Or did you sum it all up to someone with a good sense of humour?