23 June 2006

for the birds.

Preparing for this show has been relatively sane. I was good and did not try to do too much. The work was well paced and I did not do that thing I usually do which is think I need way more pieces than I actually do. With this said, it is still exhausting to put a show together. Good exhausting. I thoroughly enjoyed setting the show up with Meg and Marilyn at Classic Country. They were so accommodating and fun. They put up with me asking them to take just about everything out of the barn other than a few tables and chairs. It was one of those moments when the space, the people, the work all flowed and the set up happened naturally.

It has been a week of birds...my birds and other people's birds. Check out Strange Fragments, lots of cool birds in her neck of the woods. I have a new bird platter that is fresh out of the kiln. I am always happy when the platters come out of the kiln unscathed as I usually get one out of every three. After working on them for seven hours (not including firing times) it is heartbreaking when they don't turn out. I had good luck this time around and luckily this piece really is for the BIRDS.


Angela Rockett said...

Just lovely. I enjoy your work so much!

Congratulations on the show.

susanna said...

Wow! Your work is incredible! I've never seen anything like it. I've bookmarked your website so I can admire your work all over again.

btw, I found you through Susan's blog.

Mia said...

I love your platters, they are absolutely gorgeous and loving your blog as well. Come and visit me and my handbags.

Julie said...

Your work is beautiful - adding you to my list!!

lindaharre said...

Love the plump little bird:) fantastic plate!

simple me said...

I just love your work. thanks for sharing. You're already on my favourite blogs.
paula :)