01 June 2006


I just finished this collection of pieces for a store in Kirkland, Washington called Liberty 123. It was nice to use all these soft colors. The lilac color is new for me. While I was working the lilac bushes outside my bedroom window were in bloom and the trees were leafing out in vibrant shades of green, chartreuse being the most dominant. I have never before seen trees change from winter to spring with so much fervor. Being from the West Coast, the seasons change but much more subtly. I have fine-tuned my senses to their onset in the West so you can imagine the sensory overload I am experiencing watching the seasons transition here on the East Coast. I want to lick the color it looks so delicious.

A little about my collections and how I work with clients. I have a large palette of colors, shapes and themes from which I work. Often stores have a "look" they are projecting. Some stores even have colors that they never use, like blue for instance; I have one store that stays away from blue, no kidding. With this in mind I like to work with people on a one on one basis, talking about the colors, themes and shapes they like and then once I glean this information I ask them to let me go and I put a collection together for them.

It is good way to work for me. It is sometimes a little confusing on the ordering end of things as there are so many options. I am constantly amazed at how willing people are to be open to my zany method. In fact I find people like it. They like the fact that they are getting something original that won't be seen in every other store. I sometimes think I should only offer specific colors, shapes and motifs. It would make things easier and perhaps more predictable but predictable can be boring and I like that I can approach each order as a body of work. This way I am not confined to making the same thing over and over again. Monotony kills the spirit, at least for me. Plus I know that the store has something special to offer their customers. A one of kind.


susan said...

I love your work!~ came here via MAD. glad to find you and well, i think i will have to get something of your work!

Angela Rockett said...

I love these pieces! I went to your website and I find that I love ALL your work! It's just so beautiful and unique.

I live very near Kirkland so I'll have to wander over to Liberty 123 and see these in person.

Julie said...

These pieces are stunning - i love the organic nature of them.

.:soplador:. said...

acabo de tropezar con tu trabajo, es buenisimo, super!!